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    • Product Categories

    Architectural Hardware

    Architectural Hardware plays an important role in every type of construction. Whether it is for residential or commercial or purpose; every infrastructure in incomplete without Architectural Hardware. Hence, the intense need of Quality Architectural Hardware in mind, we have been offering a complete array of Architectural Hardware, to our customers.

    • Door Handles

      Lever handle for doors make a classic door accessory. That is why Dorset brings you the best quality lever handle for ...
    • Pull Handles

      Dorset is a trusted name amongst door accessory, door lock, door handle and pull handle manufacturers. The pull handle ...
    • Door Control systems

      Dorset is a trusted door control systems manufacturer. The company manufactures door control systems like door closers ...
    • Door accessories

      Dorset is a leading brand in the field of architectural hardware suppliers. The brand manufactures and supplies every ...
    • Glass Solution

      Glass hardware requires specially designed accessories with proper fitting. Dorset manufactures glass hardware ...

    Dorset is a leading brand name amongst the architectural hardware manufacturer and suppliers in India. The company designs premium quality door hardware. Some of the door hardware manufactured by the company is door handles, pull handles, door control systems, door accessories and glass solution. The glass solution has sliding door hardware like patch and fittings. Dorset brings you lifetime warranty hardware with its locks and security systems and digital solutions. Also, you get fire rated door hardware like door handles and door locks to ensure safety from fire. If you are looking for affordable door hardware then Dorset can be your ultimate choice.