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    The proud path traversed by the Dorset Group is studded with numerous awards and recognitions by various local and international bodies and authorities. These Honors are a tribute to hours of dedicated work put in the by employees of the company as well as a testament to the high levels of excellence practiced by the management.

    WCRC award

    Some Honors & accomplishments:

    • 41imguf_great-award

      Great Place To Work in Manufacturing

    • 42imguf_great-wrok

      Great Place To Work

    • 31imguf_phdanualaward

      Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award

    • Brand of the Year by Reality Plus INEX Award

    • 22imguf_award-world-logo

      "North India Best Employer Brand Award 2018" by World HRD Congress

    • 23imguf_Award-india-logo

      India Design Mark Award 2019

    • award-logo1

      Received the Udyog Rattan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi, 2010

    • award-logo2

      Award For Export Excellence

    • award-logo3

      Awarded “Indian Power Brand” for 2011-13 in London, 2013

    • award-logo4

      Awarded Asia’s Most Promising Brand: Fastest Growing Brand of the Year

    • award-logo5

      Awarded as Asia’s emerging business leader 2014 by WCRC

    • award-logo6

      Dorset was awarded with A' Design Award

    • award-logo7

      Dorset was awarded with A' Secona Shield

    • credai-logo

      Dorset was awarded with Credai National Preferred Partnership

    • swr-logo

      Dorset was awarded with Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner