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    Protective Touch Handle with Protective Layer for Buildings under Construction


    The hallmark of a truly great company is its ability to pay attention to the tiniest of details in the service that it provides. Dorset, a leading supplier of architectural hardware solutions, is one such company that is known for its dedicated efforts to provide simple yet effective solutions. Its unique Protective Touch technology ensures that Mortise handles that are installed in the flats in under-construction buildings are protected from the paint stains, dents and scratches that are sustained during construction work.

    Protective Touch is a specially designed laminated layer covering the Mortise handles when they are installed. This layer prevents the surface of the handles from being damaged, stained or disfigured during the construction process. Once the flats are ready to be handed over to the owners, the laminated layer is peeled off, leaving the handle in pristine condition.

    This a solution that is beneficial to all concerned; workers do not have to worry about damaging the handles while they are working and owners can be secure in the knowledge that they get everything in mint condition.