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    Construction Key Cylinder with Anti-theft System for Buildings Under Construction


    Dorset is a leading supplier of high-end architectural hardware solutions to a wide range of industries. One such industry is the construction industry. Among its many innovative solutions for the construction industry, one such solution is the Construction Key Cylinder.

    The premise is simple and easy to execute. While a building is being built, the workers use one set of keys, known as the Construction Key, to access each flat. Once a flat has been handed over to the owner, the Construction Key stops working and the owner is presented with a set of keys known as Owner Key. After its first use, the Owner Key thereafter is the only key capable of locking or unlocking the door of the flat.

    This simple, yet brilliant piece of technological innovation ensures the security of the buyer’s flat, without the need to change the lock, thereby preventing unnecessary expenditure or possibility of misuse. Innovations such as these are what set Dorset apart from the rest of the hardware architecture manufacturers in India.